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How it Works

In each experiential learning module learners take on a role and assignment within a fictitious company. To complete their assignment, they are required to interact via simulated email or instant messaging with AI-powered clients, co-workers, supervisors, and other characters.
Each interaction with an AI-powered character is designed to measure the learner’s ability to demonstrate knowledge and skills. Depending on how successfully the learner communicates and demonstrates the required skills, the character, replies with different responses, tone and attitudes providing learners with feedback that mirrors real-life experience. The platform also assesses competency and delivers real-time individualized feedback and adaptive content.
Through authentic interactions, iteration and feedback learners gain concrete experience in a carefully designed narrative that works towards the resolution of a problem or project.

What We Offer

Ametros designs and develops custom and off-the-shelf experiential learning modules for the academic and corporate learning markets. These modules range from 10-minute microlearning scenarios to 12-week multi-project, self-paced assignments.

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