Ametros Learning Inc.

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Improving the way the world communicates by transforming the way we teach and learn

For Students

For Students
Better prepared for the working world.

Good communication skills are some of the most useful and essential tools for success. In fact, they are often the number one ability sought by employers. 

In Ametros Learning simulations, students are immersed in an authentic work environment and are required to interact with managers, coworkers, clients and suppliers, much as they would in the real world. 

The students learn how to deploy the theories and skills of professional communication in a setting that mirrors real practice. 


For Educators

For Educators
Empowered to better engage students.

Educators play a vital role in Ametros simulations, managing the flow of messages between the students and the artificially intelligent characters. Instructors, as a supporting character in the simulation, review their students' messages and offer support as needed.


Our Technology

Our Technology
It's elementary my dear Watson.

Ametros Learning is a web-based platform that allows for the delivery of simulation-based courses or modules.  The platform offers an immersive and experiential learning environment that includes, content delivery, simulation process, and administration.


Our Products

Our Products
Building bridges between classrooms and workplaces.

In the Ametros Learning simulations, students are placed in a professional narrative where they are given a position and projects in a fictitious company.  

The instructor typically assumes a supervisor role in the narrative allowing them the opportunity to coach and mentor the student individually. 

The narratives are tailored towards the specific discipline that the student is studying (e.g. business, engineering, science, etc.) and supporting content, authored by accredited subject matter experts, is integrated into the simulations in the form of short animated videos.