Experience is the best teacher

Experiential learning provides a safe learning environment that effectively grounds theory in real life practice. Through experience, learners bring crucial skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision making to the application of knowledge. Application through experience increases retention, proficiency, as well as encourages collaboration between learners. 


Dr. Robert Clapperton, Co-founder, Ametros Learning Inc.

What we can do for you

How it Works

Using IBM Watson NLU and our proprietary Experiential Learning Platform, we design and develop experiential learning modules for learners of any discipline to blend theory and practice in a risk-free environment.
Each experiential learning module provides learners with the opportunity to take on roles, assignments and tasks within a fictitious company or other organizational setting. In order to complete their assignment or task, learners are required to interact using natural language with AI-driven clients, co-workers, supervisors and other characters via simulated email, text-based chat or discussion dialogues.
Each natural language interaction with an AI-driven character is designed to measure the learner’s ability to demonstrate technical skills, soft skills, and/or knowledge. Depending on how successfully the learner communicates and demonstrates the required skills/knowledge, the character, replies with different responses, tone and attitudes providing learners with feedback that mirrors real-life experience.
Through authentic interactions, feedback, and iteration with the AI-driven characters learners gain concrete experience in a carefully designed narrative that works towards the resolution of a problem or project.

What We Offer

Ametros designs and develops custom and off-the-shelf AI-driven experiential learning modules for academic and corporate learning organizations that allow for adaptive, skills and knowledge-based learning and assessment in a contextually authentic environment.

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