Organizational Problem Solving

About the Simulation

In this simulation several communication breakdowns and misinterpreted messages from HR  have occurred between the functional teams at recently merged Metitelos and KLT Wireless,.  There is a palpable feeling of angst in the Malaysian office among the former employees of KLT.  In this situation the learner is hired as a communications consultant  to analyze the situation and design a solution. Learners must communicate with key stakeholders to gather information used to identify the core problem.


The simulation has learners face intercultural communication challenges.  It also presents the learner with an ethical challenge where select characters ask the learner to compromise the diligence of their reporting on the causes of the problem.

Simulation Details

  • Expert: Dianne Nubla: Dianne has a Master of Professional Communication degree fro Ryerson University and specializes in organizational communication issues including intercultural communication challenges. She has extensive experience in communication design and a specialty in design thinking.
  • Simulation Duration: 6-8 hours of student work
  • Target Learner: 3rd or 4th year undergraduates, graduate MBA students: