Engineering Communication

About the Simulation

In the Engineering Communication simulation, learners join the Engineering Practice of a fictitious communication company and take on one of five clients in the fields of Civil, Aerospace, Chemical, Software, and Biomedical Engineering.  All clients have experienced some kind of severe failure or outage (e.g. a probe crash or chemical spill).  The learner is tasked  with crafting a preliminary incident report of the outage. The incident report provides a compelling framework that teaches the participant valuable skills for information gathering, managing client expectations, and dealing with conflicting information.  The learner navigates ethical challenges as they practice key interpersonal skills.


This simulation also presents as unique opportunity for students to practice light technical knowledge translation, as well as essential workplace skills such technical report writing and the fundamentals of human centric design thinking.

Simulation Details

  • Expert: Jessica Mudry: Dr. Mudry is an Associate Professor of Professional Communication at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. She has extensive experience in professional engineering communication at Ryerson and Concordia University.
  • Simulation Duration: 6-8 hours of student work
  • Target Learner: 1st or 2nd year undergraduates / professional development for engineers: