Business Writing

About the Simulation

The industry-driven Ametros Learning Business Writing Simulation teaches learners how to improve their writing and how to write well at work.

Through relevant online writing simulations (that mirror common work-place requirements), Learners have the opportunity to sharpen their business writing and obtain real-time feedback in a secure and private online environment. They will also gain access to informational videos containing key concepts and best practices for effective business writing. By working through the simulation, Learners come to understand the fundamentals of business writing and obtain tangible frameworks that they can immediately apply in professional contexts.

The Business Writing Fundamentals SIM will give learners the opportunity to practice securing new business on behalf of their firm. It covers concepts including email communication, business writing foundations as well as techniques on how to write strategically so the message they send is read, remembered and acted upon. In addition to learning writing techniques to secure new work, they will learn concepts that will help you secure new roles, motivate others and persuade others on their recommendations.

Over the course of the simulation, learners will be interacting with a group of Artificially Intelligent characters, each with their own unique personality and goals. They will have to use critical thinking, emotional intelligence, analytical and persuasion skills to effectively represent their company and secure the work.

As learners progress through the simulation and apply the concepts in their professional environment, they will begin to notice that they:

  • Get what they want
  • Save time
  • Keep others motivated and get what they want faster
  • Adjust how people perceive them, and
  • Get the buy-in they need.

Simulation Details

  • Expert: Shiri Rosenburg
  • Simulation Duration: 6-8 hours of student work
  • Target Learner: Continuing Education students, Professional Development:
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