Business Communication

About the Simulation

As a Junior Associate in a fictitious communication consulting firm, the learner is tasked with finding a website design firm for a client from a shortlist of five vendors.  Completing this project will require the learner to:

  1. gather information on their client and vendors
  2.  perform a needs analysis to match client requirements with vendor services and construct an argument for the best vendor,
  3. compose a recommendation memo,
  4. inform the vendor selected, as well as inform the vendors not awarded the contract, and lastly,
  5.  follow-up with the client and department management to close out the project.

Learners who are better able to make analytical inferences and practice empathy receive more complex responses from simulation characters.  Characters provide cues that can lead to a deeper understanding of their situation and needs.   The simulation adapts to individual learner’s ability to practice empathetic analysis and persuasion.

Simulation Details

  • Expert: Robert Clapperton: Dr. Clapperton is an Assistant Professor in the School of Professional Communication at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. He has extensive experience in digital course design and a research agenda that focusses on artificial intelligence and organizational communication
  • Simulation Duration: 6-8 hours of student work
  • Target Learner: 1st -2nd Year Undergraduate: