High Impact Experiential Learning

“Tell me and I will forget.  Show me and I will remember.  Involve me and I will understand.” Chinese Proverb Ametros Learning is redesigning the way we teach and learn. In Ametros Learning simulations, learners become part of an “experiential, cognitive apprenticeship”. Through their authentic interactions with artificially intelligent characters, learners are provided with a risk-free way to turn theory into practice. Ametros Learning simulations are designed to be decision-driven – the learner decides to ask more questions about their clients needs or decides how to respond to a dissatisfied customer. On completion of the simulation, the learner is able to review and reflect on the path they took through the simulation in a personal debrief.  The debrief shows the participant the path they chose and more importantly an ideal management of the situation, allowing them the opportunity to reflect and learn from their decisions.  This process of internalized learning results in real behaviour change that ultimately translates into quantifiable and practical skills. Please watch the video below to learn “how it works”.