Risk Free Practice

Practicing mission critical skills in the real world can be costly.


Novice pilots are not sent into the sky with a plane full of passengers without first allowing them the opportunity to master the skills they need in a “risk-free environment”.  They are allowed to practice these skills in simulators where pilot errors that may lead to failure are corrected with a push of a button.

The same “risk-free practice” should be available to all learners.  Simulations using live actors are a potential solution, but they are costly and difficult to scale.

Ametros Learning designs and builds intelligent, digital simulations that solve for the problem of cost and scale.  In Ametros Learning simulations, instructors and learners interface with artificially intelligent characters in scenarios that mirror the real world.  Learners take risks, problem solve and learn to think critically while instructors are able to mentor and coach learners at an individual level. Using the Ametros  Digital  Simulation Platform, instructors are able to offer a risk-free way to turn theory into practice.

Watch the video to learn “how it works”.