Python Coding Assessment

About this module

In this module, the learner takes on the role of a software intern for the development team at iCARE, an online platform devoted to creating a pluralist community in Canada through the economic and social integration of newcomers.

iCARE’s goal is to help streamline newcomers’ access to services, opportunities, and resources in their local communities through their online platform. As an intern, the learner will support maintenance and development of iCARE’s platform. However, before they are tasked with any coding responsibilities, the learner will be assessed on five core coding concepts, including data types, arithmetic, logic gates, loops, and functions.

Learning Objectives

Throughout this learning module, the learner will:

✔️ Demonstrate an understanding of core programming concepts

✔️ Debug errors in an algorithm

✔️ Interpret specification documents 

✔️ Program a feature built on core programming concepts

Skills Experienced and Assessed

✔️ Python Coding

✔️ Professional Ethics

✔️ Interpreting Specification Documents

Learning Outcome

The Coding Assessment experiential assessment module will assess learners on core programming principles and provide individualized support materials in the area of software development.


The learning module will take learners 3 to 6 hours to complete.

Implementation Options

For Higher Education

Ametros modules can be easily integrated into an existing course or program via LTI 1.3.  Modules can be implemented in several ways including the following:

  1. The module can run asynchronously on-demand without instructor involvement.
  2. The module can run asynchronously with instructor involvement. The instructor can choose to provide additional student feedback at an interaction level.