Building competency and confidence through authentic practice.

Experience is the best teacher

Experiential learning provides a safe learning environment that effectively grounds theory in real life practice. Through experience, learners bring crucial skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision making to the application of knowledge. Application through experience increases retention, proficiency, as well as encourages collaboration between learners. 


Dr. Robert Clapperton, Co-founder, Ametros Learning Inc.

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How it Works

Using our proprietary platform and IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding (NLU), learners take on a role and assignment in a fictitious company. To complete their assignment, they are required to interact with AI-driven supervisors, co-workers, clients and partners in on-the-job scenarios via simulated email or text-based chat.
Each interaction with a character is designed to assess the learner’s ability to demonstrate a skill or multiple skills including technical skills, soft skills, and/or knowledge.
The AI-driven characters actively respond to the learner with replies appropriate to the quality and context of the learner message. Through authentic interactions and iterations with the AI-driven characters users are able to learn by doing.

What We Offer

Ametros designs and develops custom and off-the-shelf AI-based interactive learning experiences for academic and corporate learning organizations that allow for adaptive, skills and knowledge-based learning and assessment in a contextually authentic environment.

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