Business Strategy -  Meraki CRM

About this module

In this experiential learning module on Business Strategy, The learner takes on the role of a senior manager of the customer acquisition team at a large grocery store chain. The company is one of the largest food retailers in the country and continues to expand its services in food retail, nutrition, clothing, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

The company is working to understand its customers better as the pandemic has shifted the way people shop for essentials like food and groceries. The learner will need to help the company better serve its customers and continue to grow its market share across diverse segments of the population.

As they progress in the experience, the learner will encounter a challenge in the supply chain management of the grocery store and will need to identify the root cause of the issue and evaluate solutions to address it.

Learning Objectives

Throughout this learning module, the learner will:

✔️ Demonstrate an understanding of competitive advantage

✔️ Demonstrate an understanding of CRM strategies and techniques

✔️ Demonstrate an understanding of supply-chain management systems

Skills Experienced and Assessed

✔️ Information gathering

✔️ Problem identification

✔️ Problem-solving

✔️ Critical thinking

✔️ Audience analysis

✔️ Persuasion

Learning Outcome

This experiential learning module will provide learners with an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the roles that customer relationship management and brand loyalty play in a digital world.


The learning module will take learners 2 to 3 hours to complete.

Implementation Options

For Higher Education

Ametros modules can be easily integrated into an existing course or program via LTI 1.3.  Modules can be implemented in several ways including the following:

  1. The module can run asynchronously on-demand without instructor involvement.
  2. The module can run asynchronously with instructor involvement. The instructor can choose to provide additional student feedback at an interaction level.