Better Preparing People for the Professional World

Soft skills such as communication, critical thinking, collaboration and emotional intelligence are essential for professional success. The problem is that there is no effective and scalable way to teach soft skills as they are best learned through on the job experience or practice.

Ametros Learning provides students and professionals with a risk-free way to develop the soft skill they need to be successful in the working world.

Using our intelligent, cloud-based simulation platform, learners join a fictitious company and take on a role in in a real world simulated project or scenario. To complete the project or scenario, the learner is required to interact with various characters in the simulation. These characters are all artificially intelligent, each designed with their own unique personality, agenda and communication style which play out as the simulation progresses.

In Ametros Learning simulations, learners communicate and interact authentically with artificially intelligent characters in narratives or scenarios that simulate the real world. The AI-based characters actively engage with the learner and respond to their messages with replies appropriate to the quality and context of the learner’s message. 

Each simulation immerses the learner in the learning experience.  The participant learns to analyze information, take risks, problem solve, collaborate, persuade and think critically. They learn to deal with failure, to build meaningful relationships and to connect with others on a deeper level.

They practice, make mistakes and develop the soft skills they need through simulated, on the job experience.

Ametros Learning delivers high impact individualized learning that is scalable, affordable and allows for assessable and measurable soft skill development through risk-free, simulated practice.

Please watch the video to learn “how it works”.