Human and Artificial Intelligence Together

A powerful partnership of human and artificial intelligence.

  In Ametros Learning simulations, human and artificial intelligence is combined to provide an authentic and unique learning experience. Using cognitive computing and the natural language processing power of IBM Watson, Ametros Learning designs and builds digital simulations where instructors and learners interface with artificially intelligent characters in scenarios that align with professional practice.  In the Ametros Learning simulations, the AI characters are able to provide deep and relevant contextual feedback to the learner and the instructor is able to coach and mentor at an individual level.  This unique combination of artificial and human intelligence is what sets us apart. The instructor-mentor also has the ability to direct the actions of the simulation characters.  For example, an instructor can direct a client to reject a learner’s proposal and ask for a revision. The Ametros Learning Digital Simulation Platform provides feedback flexibility to the instructor from observer to mentor to director and any combinations in between. Watch the video to hear what instructors have to say.