August 2022 – Dr. Ron Babin

Ametros Instructor of the Month

“Ametros simulations introduce students to scenarios that provide a very realistic foundation and prepare them for working in a professional setting.”

Dr. Ron Babin, Professor, Ted Rogers School of Management, Toronto Metropolitan University

1. Tell us about yourself and your background.

My name is Ron Babin. I’m a professor at Ted Rogers School of IT Management. I joined Toronto Metropolitan University in 2006 after a 30-year professional career in IT and Management Consulting. Prior to joining Toronto Metropolitan University, I was a strategy partner at Accenture and at KPMG in Toronto.

2. Tell us about the course you taught and the Ametros experience you used?

I teach ITM 100, which is an introductory course for first year students on how to use information systems and technology in business. Most of the students in my course are freshmen who have just graduated from high school and have little to no business experience. I have been using four different experiences from Ametros through which the students are exposed to situations that help them gain a perspective on how businesses operate. They are introduced to scenarios that provide a very realistic foundation and prepare them for working in a professional setting.

3. Did you receive any feedback from your students that you are able to share with us?

We’ve had good success and students are very happy with the Ametros experience. The platform’s flexibility and the ability to complete the experience at their own pace are huge appeals for students. They frequently comment on how real the experience seemed. Additionally, they find this experience to be very beneficial in helping them comprehend how technology interacts with the business and others involved.

4. What teaching tips would you share with other instructors?

If I were to offer one teaching tip, it would be to prepare the students for the experience by giving them direction and feedback and having them think about and reflect on what they have learned. I usually ask the students to write a one page reflection that speaks to what their experience was, whether it’s good or bad. This, in my opinion, is incredibly useful in making sure students have a positive experience.

Ametros is a great technology tool. I am excited to see how the platform evolves and how the simulations become even more sophisticated.

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